I-85 Fatal Crash Today

Alabama Truck Driver Killed in Fatal Crash on I-85 Today

A fatal crash on Interstate 85 in Alabama has claimed the life of Richard Roberts. According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Roberts was driving a 2020 Isuzu box-truck when he was involved in a fatal crash today. A tractor-trailer also was involved. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Lanes are closed on i-85 southbound. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has not yet released the name of the other driver involved.

Gerardo Hernandez Bautista

The driver of the car involved in a deadly crash on I-85 today has been identified by the Greenville County Coroner’s Office as 30-year-old Gerardo Hernandez Bautista. According to news reports, the accident occurred in Farmingville on September 25. Montpetit was driving drunk when he slammed into Bautista’s car. Bautista spent two weeks in the hospital and eventually died.

Multi-car accident on i-85

A multi-car accident on I-85 this morning prompted local law enforcement to close a section of highway. One pickup truck driver was killed after losing control of her vehicle and colliding with two vehicles heading south. The truck was flipped several times. The driver was the only person inside the truck. Police are investigating what caused the collision. The interstate was closed for several hours as authorities investigate the accident.

Tractor-trailer involved

A fiery crash on Interstate 85 has closed one lane in Shorter, North Carolina. A tractor-trailer struck a pedestrian and she died at the scene. It shut down the interstate for nearly nine hours. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash. Whether there was foul play is unknown. The driver of the tractor-trailer was not immediately available for comment.

Lanes closed on i-85 south

Lanes are closed on I-85 south following a fatal crash this afternoon. The South Carolina Highway Patrol has said that three tractor trailers and a car were involved in the crash. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the crash, but they have not released any additional details yet. Those affected should check their social media accounts for updates. They may also have more information. You can follow the latest news related to this accident on Twitter.

Flight diverted to HOV lane

Indiana State Police blocked westbound I-80/94 following a fatal crash on I-85 today, forcing traffic to divert at Burr Street. Investigators are still trying to determine the relationship between the man, white, the woman, and the child. The investigation is ongoing, but it is likely that White will be facing a slew of charges. After the crash, the state police blocked I-80/94 westbound for hours.


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