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Children love to play PBS Kids games. They’re a great way to encourage them to learn about colors, shapes, animals, and more. There are games for boys and girls that will keep them entertained for hours! Here’s a selection of fun and educational games for children! Let’s get started! Listed below are some of my favorite games: Dinosaur Train, Cyberchase Shape Quest, Donkey’s Froyo Stand, Obstacle Course, Dinosaur Train, and Nature Tracker Clubhouse.

Cyberchase Shape Quest

Cyberchase Shape Quest is a math game for kids based on the Emmy-winning animated series. The game features geometry, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving elements that kids will find useful in everyday life. The app includes three games for kids ages six to nine. The main objective of the game is to help kids learn their shapes by using different kinds of shapes to patch holes.

Donkey’s Froyo Stand

For those looking for a new way to spend time online with the kids, Donkey’s FroYo Stand is a must-have game for your PBS Kids account. The game is all about Donkey Hodie, a beloved character from Mr. Rogers’ world who now has his very own show! He and his animal puppet friends have tons of fun and adventures on their journey, and in this game, you’ll get to help them with their first business: an ice-cream stand!

Obstacle Course

If you have a child, you can have them play an obstacle course with you. Obstacle courses can be made out of different objects, like sticks, logs, and trees. Kids can jump over, walk around, and crawl through these obstacles. You can even draw an obstacle course for your child. Then, you can help them figure out which path to take. In the end, they can take turns being the obstacle course designer.

Dinosaur Train: Nature Tracker Clubhouse

This PBS Kids show features the “Nature Tracker Clubhouse,” a program for preschoolers that focuses on the importance of respecting nature and being environmentally conscious. In its fourth episode, Buddy and Shiny begin building a clubhouse on the beach. Shiny, on the other hand, thinks that a club should have a member. The kids can enjoy this fun and educational series while building their own clubhouse!

Elmo and Rosita’s Virtual Playdate

In the current times, children are often discouraged from meeting for playdates in real life. This is why Sesame Workshop’s “Caring for Each Other” initiative was created: to help families cope with the pandemic by offering educational structures for children. In fact, many children now tune into Sesame Street’s Zoom calls for a virtual playdate. This online version of the Sesame Street Zoom call will air on April 14th.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Sir Daniel the Brave

During the first season of the animated children’s television series, Daniel’s family lived in an ancient clock without hands. The character is shy and needs friends who care about him. Lady Aberlin and Ana Platypus are friends who help Daniel become more confident. In Season 2, Daniel’s grandmother Margaret is introduced. She is named after the name of Daniel’s favorite baby book, and her name is derived from her great-grandmother.


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