Planning Order Fulfillment Processes

There are several factors to consider when planning an order fulfilment process. Whether a product is delivered to the customer’s door for free or requires an additional fee, there are six key elements to consider. The following article provides an overview of order fulfilment stages and their challenges. Learn how to design a process that can meet customer needs efficiently. Listed below are six important elements to consider in the planning and execution of an order fulfilment process.

Sorting and packing orders are the next step. The quality of packing orders can directly affect the overall process. Inappropriate packaging can negatively impact a team’s productivity. Poorly packaged items can be damaged during transit and lead to high returns. Too large boxes are expensive to ship and require excessive void fill. Additionally, custom-sized boxes can be a disadvantage if not handled properly, preventing economies of scale. When planning an order fulfilment process, remember to take the time to evaluate the quality of each step and identify any areas that may need improvement.

Once an order is received, it is processed. The fulfilment team locates products that match the customer’s requirements. An effective inventory management process can eliminate time spent looking for specific items. After product selection, products are packed into eCommerce packaging. Packaging is crucial to keeping products safe during transit and providing branding. In addition to packaging the products shipping costs must also be considered. A proper order fulfilment process should be easy to follow and ensure the safety of the product.


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