The Mixed Reviews Podcast

The Mixed Reviews Podcast

This podcast is a biweekly film podcast hosted by Gabriella Lewis. The podcast is recorded live in New York City in partnership with the Listening Party. The Mixed Reviews Podcast is not affiliated with Podbay. For more information, visit Gabriella’s website. Episodes can be found here. To subscribe to this podcast, visit the site.

Gabriella Lewis

“Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things” opened Season 5. “Wild Justice” was close, but still not quite up to it. “The Mind Has Mountains” is an intriguing episode and “The Gift of Promise” is almost as good as the previous one. The podcast is produced by Gabriella Lewis in partnership with Listening Party at Canal Street Market in New York City.

Biweekly film podcast

The Mixed Reviews is a biweekly film podcast featuring a different film each episode. The show features guests from the film industry, from the cast and crew to the principle actors, who talk about their experiences on set. You can expect great banter, tons of movie talk, and an insight into the careers of the guests. These episodes also contain some plot spoilers.

The podcast is hosted by culture writers Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham, who love to devour culture and understand the pleasures of the American experience. Each episode features a classic film that’s been remade in modern times, and they compare it to its contemporary counterpart.


The mixed reviews podcast is hosted by Black mixed-race sisters, Allison and Aubrey, who review Black movies. They’re willing to try throwbacks and cultural staples for the first time. They’re also open to feedback from listeners. Subscribe to their podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Spotify, Google, or Audible.


The Mixed Reviews Podcast is a biweekly film podcast that covers a specific topic of interest. The podcasters discuss a number of films and provide their own opinions on them. It is also available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play Music, Audible, and Spotify. To subscribe, visit the podcast’s page at iTunes or Stitcher Radio.


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