Top Trending Hashtags on Twitter Today

If you are interested in following what others are saying on Twitter, you might want to follow some of the trending hashtags. Here are a few of them: #Brexit, #Timmee Tippee, #Britain, and many more. Keep up with the latest events and trends with these trending hashtags. You can also follow some of your favorite celebrities and get updates on their birthdays and other important dates.


After the vote, the top trending hashtags on Twitter today were #BrexitIn5Words and #WriteAPoemAboutBrexit. Both were competitions launched by @WillBlackWriter, and they both served as a battleground between Remain and Leave voters. Several pro-Brexit accounts retweeted Mr Johnson’s message.

Since August, researchers have been tracking tweets to see which topics are trending. As you might imagine, a large proportion of these hashtags support leaving the EU. Just over 20 percent of those hashtags support remaining in the EU. That means that a majority of tweets referencing Brexit support for the UK. But while many people tweet in support of remain, #Brexit was used disproportionately by leave supporters.

The “leave” campaign was clearly more vocal than its rival during the referendum, and this was clearly evident. As you can see from the graph below, there are nearly twice as many tweets containing the word “leave” than tweets containing “remain.” This suggests that the two sides of the debate are both using Twitter. But, it’s worth remembering that while the leave side is winning the debate, the remain side is gaining momentum as the election draws closer.

While #leave and #yellowvestuk are the top trending hashtags on Twitter today, the latter was dominated by pro-leave accounts. Their activity peak at lunchtime in the UK, and their activity drops off in the evening. The pro-leave accounts are likely populated by users living in the UK. They are also largely unfollowed by those who support the Brexit campaign.

#Timmee Tippee

If you’re interested in the top trending topics on Twitter today, be sure to follow these hashtags. You’ll find a wealth of relevant information here. Twitter’s algorithm uses a variety of factors to identify spikes in popularity. The volume of tweets a topic or hashtag receives is also taken into account. Therefore, a slow-growing topic may not experience a spike.

Hashtags can be useful for marketing your content and helping you stand out. There are tons of hashtag tools online that will help you track and identify popular topics. However, identifying the top trending hashtags on Twitter is not an easy task. You’ll need to know the trendiest topics in order to incorporate them into your content. But, the process is definitely worth it.

Using social listening tools will help you focus on the most relevant conversations and jump on trending hashtags to increase your visibility. By using relevant hashtags, brands can drive long-term value. For example, a bakery chain can drive audience awareness through images on #NationalPetDay or explore the latest products on the market with hashtags like #NationalDonutDay.

#Brexit #Timmee Tippee

There are two sides of the Brexit debate. The pro-Brexit camp wants to roll over existing EU trade deals. But other nations may not be so keen. The EU has 440 million people and $13.9 trillion in GDP, and many working-class people see immigration as a threat to their jobs. And they say that if Britain leaves the EU, it will not be easy for it to make deals with third-country countries. In the meantime, informal discussions have begun with the U.S.


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